The unsettling frequency of garage burglaries underscores the importance of home security. Garage doors, often overlooked, play a vital role in this protection. While many homeowners neglect garage door maintenance to save money, they inadvertently expose themselves to heightened risks.

While certain garage door malfunctions can be resolved with a DIY approach, others demand the expertise of professionals in Westlake. To help you discern between the two, here’s a guide on what you can tackle and what should be left to the experts.

DIY-Friendly Garage Door Services

There are some minor garage door issues in Beachwood that you can address:

  1. Tightening Hardware: A straightforward task, periodically tightening bolts, hinges, and nuts can prolong the door’s longevity as these elements can loosen over time.
  2. Lubrication: Regularly lubricating the tracks ensures smooth operation. Before applying lubricants like white lithium grease, inspect and tighten hinges and rollers.
  3. Safety Sensors Maintenance: If your garage door isn’t closing, the safety sensors might be obstructed. Simple solutions include clearing nearby objects, adjusting sensor brackets, or cleaning off any accumulated dirt.

Tasks Best Left to Professionals

Certain garage door tasks are inherently risky without proper training: ● Adjusting or replacing a door spring is perilous due to the tension they hold. ● Electric openers, given their complex mechanisms, should only be handled by professionals to prevent potential hazards. ● Replacing components like drums, cables, and rollers requires specialized tools and expertise. ● Handling a broken spring can lead to grave injuries. ● Bent or damaged rollers demand professional attention. ● Broken or worn-out cables should be addressed by experts to mitigate injury risks.

Cost Implications of Garage Door Repairs

Balancing between DIY fixes and professional intervention is also influenced by costs. Here’s a breakdown for clarity:

Garage Door Component Estimated Price
Track $50 – $100
Cable $20 – $55
Springs (2 sets) $50 – $150
Roller $30 – $45

Conclusion The efficacy and safety of your garage door hinge on its proper maintenance and timely repairs. While some minor issues can be tackled with a hands-on approach, it’s imperative to recognize when to call in the professionals. Entrusting experts ensures not only a well-functioning door but also your safety.


  1. Can I fix a garage door spring myself?
    • No, due to the high tension they store, it’s risky and best left to professionals.
  2. How often should I lubricate my garage door tracks?
    • It’s recommended to lubricate every six months to ensure smooth operation.
  3. Are there any easy DIY garage door maintenance tasks?
    • Yes, tasks like tightening hardware, lubricating tracks, and maintaining safety sensors can be done yourself.
  4. When should I call a professional for garage door services in Westlake?
    • For intricate tasks like adjusting springs, fixing electric openers, or replacing major components, always engage professionals.
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